Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome back, me

What I've been up to this spring/summer so far:

-Landed myself the sweetest, gentlest most understanding goofball of a boyfriend ever, Eric. Fell in love real quick.
-Went on Lexapro for anxiety and depression. It works! But makes me sleepy.
-Quit drinking due to meds and so many other good reasons. Lost some social ability and stopped getting invited out much. Oops.
-Worked one million hours at Rocket Cat, which I still love for the most part.
-Went on an impromptu trip to Atlantic City for the first time, with six people in a little car. We got drenched by a car driving through a puddle and subsequently did poorly at gambling. Ah well.
-Went on a beach trip with Eric and rode go-carts for the first time ever. I was a scared driver, like in real life.
-So much Memphis Taproom
-So much writing
-So much ex-boyfriend frustration. Living in community is hard.
-Played with Garage Band and made a dance hit with Eric.
-Lady dates
-Making Time? Bad idea, still.
-Bouffant Bangout? Good idea, always.
-Quit smoking!
-Shopped instead of drinking and smoking.
-Read soooo many books (goodreads)
-Danielle and Brian's wedding party!
-Had a picnic at Morris Arboretum for Eric's birthday. It was amazing.
-Felt like all of my friends went on vacation. Most of them did. Some of them just fell off of my planet without word. And I, subsequently, have fallen into my high school mindset of thinking no one really likes me. What a baby.

So that's so far. And technically we're only three days into summer.
This weekend Eric comes to CT with me to go to my friends' Matt and Natalie's wedding and he meets my parents. Whoo!
Then we go spend four days in rural Massachusetts dog-sitting at Tony's house on a lake. Yes please.

I hope this summer holds more day trips, more double-dates, more creativity, less drama that I can't control, more love and peace and acceptance and growth. So far, so good.

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