Monday, March 22, 2010


I guess here is the place to post all of this, because I hate to excitement bomb facebook.
So hey! Eric and I are engaged!!!

My weekend consisted of:
Friday night- Joanna Newsom, which I loved and Eric was miserable at
Saturday- First day of Spring! Wesley's 10th birthday!
Marriage workshop at Circle which was about how to have healthy conflict. It was really good.
Lunch at El Jarocho, my favorite South Philly Mexican joint
Walk through South Philly, coffee from Gleaner's
Pick up the ring
Drive to Penn Treaty (the site of our first hang-out) and sit on the grass. Awkward proposal ensues. We're doing this!
Go home, pick up our bikes (Eric bought me one the day before) and we head to the field where Berks dead ends past Frankford. Within ten minutes I am riding for the first time ever.
Saturday night- picnic dinner with our friends Molly and Ethan in the park and dessert and Quiddler at their place.
Sunday- Drove our bikes up to Pennypack Park and rode forEVER. I got really scared of hitting people and got frustrated a lot. But I guess I did pretty awesome for my second day riding. But then we got lost and had to ride on the sidewalk of Rhawn and cross over the Boulevard to get back to where our car was. 2 1/2 hour ride total. Ouch.
Then nap time/lunch/movie/cuddletime
Then Circle
Then impromptu Memphis Taproom dinner with Ethan and the Landistratis'.

What a life.

I've never been happier or more content than I have been this year. And it only gets better.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This blog is now just to communicate with Lana

...because who else cares what I buy or how I am newly intrigued by wedding stuff? No one.
So these are for you, Lan:

I miss wearing heels a little bit, so I went on a hunt for some comfy/cute wedges. Center City yielded nothing and on my dejected way home I decided to stop at Lost and Found in Old City for the first time. Bingo! Got these lovely plum Seychelles heels and these super comfortable suede-heeled keds!
it's been a long time

new shoes

Also, Lana sent me this wonderfully crafted necklace made by a her new friend in Portland. It's lovely!

I miss my lady :-(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back in the habit, like Sister Act 2

Okay, so I really doubt that I will ever be in the habit of blogging. Since I have no real purpose for it it just feels narcissistic. But "back in the habit" popped into my head and then immediately the fact that it was the name of the sequel to Sister Act. And it was so good. Remember teenage Lauryn Hill?
Anyway... in the old days of livejournal, I blogged usually out of frustration. So maybe I'm reverting.
My life is great, but sometimes difficult.
-Dating a man with kids is hard. Luckily I love the lot of 'um, but having scheduled time with your boyfriend is kind of a pain in the ass. But that's what I signed up for. -Working in the hottest cafe ever can be a little trying. Sometimes if just feels like we aren't being taken care of. But it's still the best job I've ever had.
-Having an ex boyfriend who you still care about and worry for sucks. Because six months after the break up, he's still running his mouth and doesn't seem to be improving. And when you fear that you're the only person who can actually talk sense into him, no one wins.

But if those are my biggest complaints, I'm doing well.

Other note: I tried to post that thing that Sue and Lana did about fashion, with the "always, sometimes, never" deal, but could not get my pictures the same size and format it well so I got frustrated at quit. Maybe if I knew how to make cool blogs I would do it more often.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome back, me

What I've been up to this spring/summer so far:

-Landed myself the sweetest, gentlest most understanding goofball of a boyfriend ever, Eric. Fell in love real quick.
-Went on Lexapro for anxiety and depression. It works! But makes me sleepy.
-Quit drinking due to meds and so many other good reasons. Lost some social ability and stopped getting invited out much. Oops.
-Worked one million hours at Rocket Cat, which I still love for the most part.
-Went on an impromptu trip to Atlantic City for the first time, with six people in a little car. We got drenched by a car driving through a puddle and subsequently did poorly at gambling. Ah well.
-Went on a beach trip with Eric and rode go-carts for the first time ever. I was a scared driver, like in real life.
-So much Memphis Taproom
-So much writing
-So much ex-boyfriend frustration. Living in community is hard.
-Played with Garage Band and made a dance hit with Eric.
-Lady dates
-Making Time? Bad idea, still.
-Bouffant Bangout? Good idea, always.
-Quit smoking!
-Shopped instead of drinking and smoking.
-Read soooo many books (goodreads)
-Danielle and Brian's wedding party!
-Had a picnic at Morris Arboretum for Eric's birthday. It was amazing.
-Felt like all of my friends went on vacation. Most of them did. Some of them just fell off of my planet without word. And I, subsequently, have fallen into my high school mindset of thinking no one really likes me. What a baby.

So that's so far. And technically we're only three days into summer.
This weekend Eric comes to CT with me to go to my friends' Matt and Natalie's wedding and he meets my parents. Whoo!
Then we go spend four days in rural Massachusetts dog-sitting at Tony's house on a lake. Yes please.

I hope this summer holds more day trips, more double-dates, more creativity, less drama that I can't control, more love and peace and acceptance and growth. So far, so good.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So, I'm not entirely sure why I've started this. I made an account just to comment on other people's blogs (i.e. sue/sarah/andy/genna's, ryan's, amber's, daniel's) and was inspired to start my own. Then I realized I'm not especially wise, funny or inspired. Crap.
So I don't quite know what this will look like. What I'll choose to write about, what route I'll take with it, whether I'll keep it up at all. We'll see then, eh?
Welcome to 2K8.