Thursday, January 14, 2010

This blog is now just to communicate with Lana

...because who else cares what I buy or how I am newly intrigued by wedding stuff? No one.
So these are for you, Lan:

I miss wearing heels a little bit, so I went on a hunt for some comfy/cute wedges. Center City yielded nothing and on my dejected way home I decided to stop at Lost and Found in Old City for the first time. Bingo! Got these lovely plum Seychelles heels and these super comfortable suede-heeled keds!
it's been a long time

new shoes

Also, Lana sent me this wonderfully crafted necklace made by a her new friend in Portland. It's lovely!

I miss my lady :-(


lana bear said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH i love both of those shoes A. and B- you are the most beautiful lady in all the land. i love you and miss you like crazy!

zerbipedia said...

yo, those berry t-straps are hottttttt.