Monday, March 22, 2010


I guess here is the place to post all of this, because I hate to excitement bomb facebook.
So hey! Eric and I are engaged!!!

My weekend consisted of:
Friday night- Joanna Newsom, which I loved and Eric was miserable at
Saturday- First day of Spring! Wesley's 10th birthday!
Marriage workshop at Circle which was about how to have healthy conflict. It was really good.
Lunch at El Jarocho, my favorite South Philly Mexican joint
Walk through South Philly, coffee from Gleaner's
Pick up the ring
Drive to Penn Treaty (the site of our first hang-out) and sit on the grass. Awkward proposal ensues. We're doing this!
Go home, pick up our bikes (Eric bought me one the day before) and we head to the field where Berks dead ends past Frankford. Within ten minutes I am riding for the first time ever.
Saturday night- picnic dinner with our friends Molly and Ethan in the park and dessert and Quiddler at their place.
Sunday- Drove our bikes up to Pennypack Park and rode forEVER. I got really scared of hitting people and got frustrated a lot. But I guess I did pretty awesome for my second day riding. But then we got lost and had to ride on the sidewalk of Rhawn and cross over the Boulevard to get back to where our car was. 2 1/2 hour ride total. Ouch.
Then nap time/lunch/movie/cuddletime
Then Circle
Then impromptu Memphis Taproom dinner with Ethan and the Landistratis'.

What a life.

I've never been happier or more content than I have been this year. And it only gets better.


Liz Filardi said...

Dang girl, make it happen! i forgot that you didn't know how to ride a bike! so glad you have learned. it's way fun and appropriate since you live in a biking city. jamie and i spent our anniversary biking all around.

anyway, your ring is gorgeous and so are you and i'm very happy for you! congratulations!!!

xo liz

Mae said...

oh siobhan im so happy for you. its great to see friends be happy in life.

lana bear said...

yea i need an up close with this ring. not sure i can wait a bajillion days until april 30th.